Monthly Archives: November 2009

Do we need a charity sector commentariat?

Hooray, hurrah, huzzah! (Is huzzah a word?) I have been asked to blog. Officially. By a proper, bona fide news magazine. Third Sector no less –  doughty organ of civil society and recorder of the slings and arrows that befall our collective sector from time to time. Yet brief flush of pride aside, aren’t there… Read more »

Sole trustee arrangements: a recipe for trouble

Public bodies that are sole trustees of charities have cropped up many times in Third Sector and on in the past few months. Most recently, the Charity Commission and Department of Health have continued a year-long argument over NHS charities controlled by the hospitals and primary care trusts they are attached to. The answer,… Read more »

Full marks for Pell & Bales

There was a bit of lull in the rugby between England and Argentina – in fact, the whole thing was a bit of a lull – so I didn’t object too much to taking a call from a charity on a Saturday afternoon. And when the young woman said she was calling from “P&B on… Read more »

Nude charity calendars: had enough yet?

  Another week, another nude charity calendar. Bright young internet entrepreneurs are the latest to strike coy poses for the London Nude Tech 2010  to raise cash for education charity Take Heart India.   Will anyone buy it?   Yes, according to the charity’s spokesman Lucian Tarnowski: the calendar is fully expected to raise its… Read more »