Daily Archives: Monday, January 31, 2011

I’d love it if Sue Ryder won the VAT battle but I don’t hold out much hope

Recently, the government has been veritably pelted with questions, largely from its own back benches, asking it about the VAT burden it is placing on charities. In both the Lords and the Commons, on both sides of the aisle, our political representatives clearly don’t think much of charities’ current tax bill. It’s also pretty clear… Read more »

They’ve all got it in for Dame Suzi

‘Axe hovers over quango queen,’ squeals the Daily Mail, in response to a Sunday Times piece headlined ‘Quango queen faces sack for attack on private schools.’ It’s unusual for the Telegraph not to be in there too. It’s not the first time the right wing press have had a go at Dame Suzi Leather, chair… Read more »