Monthly Archives: August 2011

Chuggers worried about new PFRA penalties

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association caused controversy in the sector last week with its announcement of a penalty points system for organisations whose street fundraisers break the rules. “Breaking the rules” could be as seemingly trivial as taking more than three steps alongside a potential donor, or straying outside an assigned area. More seriously, it… Read more »

Will street fundraising fines makes chuggers less pushy – and less effective?

Chuggers. I’d say you either love ‘em or loathe ‘em, but most people I talk to tend to fall into the second category. It’s probably one of the most contentious topics I come across when talking to friends or family about the charity sector. I find I’m split on the topic. Hammersmith high street seems… Read more »

Ditching extra insurance premiums for volunteer drivers was long overdue

There was a certain amount of backslapping this week when the Association of British Insurers announced that 54 insurance brands would no longer be charging extra premiums for people who use their cars for voluntary activities, such as taking people to hospital or on days out. The insurance companies presented it as an act of… Read more »

Not much for the riot wombles at Lambeth volunteer speed dating

Last night I went to a “speed dating” event organised by Lambeth Council. Before you start to think this was some strange kind of matchmaking service for public sector singletons, I should explain. The “dates” were between locals like myself who wanted to volunteer for projects in their community, and organisations in need of volunteers…. Read more »

How can the do-gooders who turned up after the riots be turned into long-term volunteers?

This week’s rioting in cities across England has shocked the nation – but it has also prompted displays of human nature’s better side. I have experienced two such displays in the past two days in my local area, Brixton in south London, where several shops were looted and a Foot Locker store was set on… Read more »