Monthly Archives: February 2012

CRB red tape must be reduced

Last month, I wrote about my intention to start volunteering and my disappointment at the lack of variety in the roles available. After a prolonged search, I finally found two positions that I thought I could do, and so I contacted the charities. Four weeks passed, with no response.

Is giving rational or irrational? Sometimes yes, sometimes no

Last week, my colleague Sophie Hudson wrote a blog about whether giving is rational. I’d like to add my own opinion, which is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. I can see why economists struggle with this question, because economics is about looking after number one. It defines rational, more or less, as “behaving in a way… Read more »

Giving away money is not irrational

I went to a provocatively-titled Pro Bono Economics lecture this week which asked: “Why do some people give their money away and how can we stop them acting so irrationally?” During the main part of the lecture the former director of the London School of Economics, Sir Howard Davies, gave the audience an informative and… Read more »

Do they even know what a social enterprise is?

Yesterday Michael Lloyd, a retired railwayman from Stroud set off to the High Court to challenge a decision by NHS Gloucestershire to outsource community care to a social enterprise. The basic gist of his argument, and that of Stroud Against the Cuts, the organisation which backed him, seemed to be that the NHS is the… Read more »

Does the motivation matter to charities?

It was with some trepidation my new husband David approached me recently to tell me he’d decided to cycle to Barcelona…in nine days. But it was OK – he was doing it for charity. I know him well enough to know that the last bit was not his main motivation. It was the actual crazy,… Read more »

What’s better for jobseekers – Poundland, or quality volunteering?

I heard a variety of tales while researching an article about charity volunteers being put on welfare-to-work schemes. Most were related in blunt terms by exasperated-sounding charity employees, and all had worrying implications. It seems that in some cases, charity volunteers who are claiming benefits have been told to stop volunteering in order to complete… Read more »