Monthly Archives: April 2012

Problem about measuring charity efficiency won’t be easily solved

Several people in the charity sector have taken the opportunity afforded by the cap on charity tax reliefs recently to have a go at the sector, and whether all charities really deserve the reliefs they have. The first complaint is about the use that charities put their money to. Should you really get tax relief… Read more »

Keeping social finance on the straight and narrow

Last week I interviewed Nick O’Donohoe, chief executive of Big Society Capital, about his targets for the new £600m social lender. What was really interesting was his view of the sector – one that was predicated on the idea that social enterprises and charities should be delivering more services. O’Donohoe’s starting point is one that… Read more »

Clarity at last on tax relief cap, but it’s not good news for charities

I think we have now nailed down the way HM Revenue & Customs thinks its new cap on tax reliefs will work. Firstly, the relief is based on the level of your gift, not the level of tax you paid on that gift. So as soon as your gift hits £50,000, or a quarter of… Read more »