Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fundraising around the world

When SOS Children’s Villages said it wanted to trial face-to-face fundraising in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, the idea was dismissed as crazy. Juan Cruz Mones Cazon, development and communications director for the charity in Latin America and the Caribbean, says his colleagues in the region’s vibrant not-for-profit sector told him… Read more »

Ethical investment is more than beating one bastard while funding three others

As part of ethical investment week, now drawing to a close,  the Charity Finance Group published a survey of its members that found that  just over half had any sort of ethical investment policy, and that of those who did, most only used “negative screening”, where they avoid companies which have activities that go against… Read more »

Ed Miliband – isn’t he our man?

Until recently commentators such as Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home have been fond of saying that the Tories’ best asset at the next election will be Ed Miliband: geeky, awkward-looking, poor communicator and a bit Old Labour. After yesterday, they might need to change their tune on the first three points at least. Even his… Read more »