Monthly Archives: November 2013

Don’t change the rules for charity ads

Sometimes charity adverts should shock and appal. That’s their purpose. They should shake us out of our comfort zones, and inspire us to support the cause. Injustice, poverty, human rights abuses, health inequalities, environmental exploitation, violence and cruelty are shocking and appalling things.

If you tell the public the truth, they’ll get it

The latest edition of the Charity Brand Index, our annual publication looking at the best-recognised charities in the UK, reveals the depressing statistic that a quarter of the general public think that only around 40-59 pence in every pound given to charity “reaches or helps the cause”. A further 17 per cent think it’s less… Read more »

The sector should fight for the right to judicial review

As reported previously by Third Sector, the government appears keen to limit severely the right of voluntary sector organisations to bring judicial reviews. A consultation that closed last week outlines its proposals.