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Will street fundraising fines makes chuggers less pushy – and less effective?

Chuggers. I’d say you either love ‘em or loathe ‘em, but most people I talk to tend to fall into the second category. It’s probably one of the most contentious topics I come across when talking to friends or family about the charity sector. I find I’m split on the topic. Hammersmith high street seems… Read more »

Is celebrity involvement in charity campaigns always the right thing?

The #twitrelief campaign by Comic Relief received a surprising amount of criticism on the social networking site Twitter last week. The campaign featured an online auction that enabled members of the public to bid money for a celebrity to ‘follow’ their tweets, as well as for other extras. These extras, some of which were much… Read more »

Is Quora the next Twitter? And should charities have it in their sights?

Twitter has been alight this past week with talk of the online craze Quora. While the website isn’t new (it was actually founded in 2009), momentum has been growing over the last few months, with opinion seemingly split on the network’s merits. For those who aren’t already familiar with it, Quora claims to be ‘a… Read more »

To tweet or not to tweet?

The recent discussion about the use of Twitter and other social media sites by fundraisers flagged up some really interesting points both for and against.  Both sides were compelling. However – and this is probably unsurprising, considering I’m the online editor of Third Sector and champion of all things digital – I came down in… Read more »

Does every little really help?

There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter this past week about a website which offers the chance to donate small amounts of change to the charities of your choice.  Ploink!, which launched last year, is free to join and lets you donate as little or as much as you like to up to… Read more »