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Making sense of social media is like herding cats

We had half-an-hour to go before the panel I was chairing at the Media 140 event on social media in the third sector event last week was due to face the audience. Fear was setting in. Huddled in the corner, the panellists and I were chatting about the kinds of questions I would be putting… Read more »

An extra five hundred million for charities? Here’s why See the Difference is too good to be true

According to Dominic Vallely, one of the founders of the soon-to-launch charity video sharing website See the Difference, it is like being at the beginning of Google. At least that’s what he told me when I visited his offices last week. Vallely restated his bold claim in terms more relevant to the sector. “Children in… Read more »

Sharing online applications? That’s charitable

Popular opinion has it that charities are reluctant to share expertise and resources with one another. Which is why Child’s i Foundation‘s promise to make available for free its digital tools to other charities stands out as an act of goodwill. Digital expertise is something Child’s i has in spades. The British charity, which was… Read more »

A new youth activism magazine: just so crazy it might work

In a move that flies in the face of received wisdom on the best way to grab the attention of today’s young activists, Christian Aid’s youth campaigning arm, Ctrl+Alt+Shift., launches a biannual print consumer magazine this week. Although the charity is not saying how much the magazine cost to produce and distribute, the amount is… Read more »

NGOs owe a debt to amateur bloggers

It’s been five years since the Indian Ocean tsunami. Not long, but an age in terms of online developments. A revolution has occurred between then and now in how NGOs get information to those affected by disasters, and how they report events to the rest of the world. But back in the final days of… Read more »