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The Manchester Dogs’ Home tragedy takes charity back to basics

Extraordinary. I don’t use this word lightly, but the public response on JustGiving to the fire at the Manchester Dogs Home last night has been quite literally extraordinary. And not just under the allegedly controversial newfangled definition of the word “literally”, either. The total raised for the charity running the home was £130,000 when I… Read more »

I did the ice bucket – and I donated as well

Earlier this week, I joined the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Victoria Beckham and George W Bush and participated in the ice bucket challenge. I can’t say I was surprised when a clip of a friend doing the deed and nominating me to go next popped up on my Facebook account; having seen my feed gradually… Read more »

The sector has a duty to be more open about the problems with charity bag collections

Two things in particular struck me when I was doing research for this week’s feature on charity clothing collection theft and fraud. Firstly, the good news. There does seem to be a genuine attempt by many organisations and bodies to try to tackle the problem in a meaningful way. From the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to the Trading Standards… Read more »

Something needs to be done about charity clothing collections before it’s too late

So it seems that chugging got some time off this week as the most publicly-derided form of fundraising. Research by the British Heart Foundation about where exactly the clothes people donate in charity bags end up – mostly sold aboard as rag, apparently – got nationwide coverage and ignited some serious debate. There are a… Read more »

Apple needs to get moving on a donation app before the brand gets tarnished

I’ve decided it’s time to add my two cents worth on the ongoing battle to convince Apple to allow people to donate to charity directly through apps on the iPhone. The saga has been rumbling on for a while now and if it’s ever going to have a happy ending it’s going to be critical… Read more »