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Time to give the Charity Commission a cuddle?

It didn’t take me long in this job to realise one thing I was likely not to hear much of was praise for the Charity Commission. So I sat up and listened when last week, a number of sector bodies came to the defence of their regulator. In the wake of another public humiliation for… Read more »

Why do some smart people lose their faculties when talking about charities?

Sometimes, it seems that the topic of charity makes even intelligent people say stupid things. The other day I had dinner with a friend of mine who I admire very much. He’s a very smart bloke, he’s made a lot of money, and he’s generous to good causes. We talked a bit about my work,… Read more »

Ranking charities – interesting, but unrealistic.

I attended Martin Brookes’ RSA lecture last night, in which he called for someone – I’m not entirely sure who – to look into developing a ranking system for charities according to how much they benefit society. The idea is to inform people’s decisions on their charitable giving. To me it was clearly a very… Read more »