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Will street fundraising fines makes chuggers less pushy – and less effective?

Chuggers. I’d say you either love ‘em or loathe ‘em, but most people I talk to tend to fall into the second category. It’s probably one of the most contentious topics I come across when talking to friends or family about the charity sector. I find I’m split on the topic. Hammersmith high street seems… Read more »

Charities should make it clearer that chuggers are getting paid

The Newsnight programme about chugging last week found nothing whatsoever to surprise anyone in the charity sector. All of it was pretty common knowledge, easy to turn up, much as we might expect. But it did raise a valid point: the general public don’t like chuggers much. Mick Aldridge, chief executive of the Public Fundraising… Read more »

The Right to Ask campaign misses the point

The question of whether charities have a “right to ask” the public for donations has been stirring up controversy lately.  The Institute of Fundraising wants to remind the public that fundraisers – whether they stop you on the street, knock on your door while you are in the middle of dinner or phone you at… Read more »

What is it like to be a chugger? I asked one, and this is what he told me

I never used to stop for chuggers. Before I became Third Sector‘s fundraising reporter, I was one of those annoyed members of the public who walked past quickly, avoided eye contact and mumbled “No, sorry” to any fundraiser who tried to stop me.  I still maintain that I will never sign up for a direct… Read more »