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Can people be nudged into giving more?

Tucked away on page 19 of the government’s green paper on giving are two short sentences that speak volumes. “We know that tax reliefs for charitable giving provide incentives for donors and support to charities more generally”, it says. “We will review the relationship between financial incentives and giving.” End of discussion. Yes, we do… Read more »

The commissioning reform green paper contains something that could alarm the sector

While flicking through the Office for Civil Society’s green paper on commissioning reform, I came across something that might alarm the sector. The document is looks at ways to make it easier for civil society organisations to bid for public service delivery contracts. Sounds uncontroversial enough. It even provides an innocuous-sounding definition of civil society:… Read more »

Was the £100m Transition Fund due to be allocated to the sector anyway?

The dust has settled a little following the comprehensive spending review, and it may be time to take a look at whether the Office of Civil Society did well or badly out of it. At first glance, it looks like it suffered worse than average. Three years ago, when it was the Office of the… Read more »

Hand-holding by the Office For Civil Society

The Office for Civil Society issued two short documents last week. There was a consultation about how it should take forward capacity-building in the sector, and a policy statement about building a stronger civil society. Does the policy document add greatly to the sum of human knowledge? Not really. It was mostly a recapitulation of… Read more »