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Cold climate and a government charm offensive at Voice11

At the start of Voice11, the biggest event in the social enterprise calendar, the chief executive of the organisers, the Social Enterprise Coalition stood up and said this was completely different from any event that had gone before. He was right, too. It was the first time the event had been held in London, the… Read more »

Many charities don’t realise how bad their pension problems really are

A few recent stories highlight the impact of the wider pensions crisis on the charity sector. The combined pensions deficit of the 20 largest charities is around £720m, according to a study by Alexander Forbes. And last week, two pensions specialists who advised charities in the Scottish Voluntary Sector Pensions Scheme – a multi-employer scheme… Read more »

Cooperatives are enjoying a moment

Once charities were seen as the magic bullet for public service reform. But now their place seems to have been usurped by another part of the third sector: cooperatives.   Last month, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne promised to free public sector staff to form employee-led “John Lewis” style co-operatives and sell their services back to… Read more »