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Fundraising critics keep chugging away… so watch out

It’s been a tough old week for fundraising. First, Channel 4’s Dispatches programme sends a couple of undercover reporters to dish dirt on the internal goings-on at two of the country’s best-known fundraising agencies. Then a disgruntled volunteer fundraiser launches a tirade about “chugging”, as he persistently calls it, claiming that paid street fundraisers are… Read more »

Will street fundraising fines makes chuggers less pushy – and less effective?

Chuggers. I’d say you either love ‘em or loathe ‘em, but most people I talk to tend to fall into the second category. It’s probably one of the most contentious topics I come across when talking to friends or family about the charity sector. I find I’m split on the topic. Hammersmith high street seems… Read more »