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Experts slam tax relief proposals

There are a lot of consultations taking place at the moment into charity tax reliefs: inheritance tax relief, VAT relief on shared services, relief on gifts of pre-eminent works of art. There seems to be a common thread among all of them. In all cases, sector experts think the proposals are rubbish. Inheritance tax relief… Read more »

Can people be nudged into giving more?

Tucked away on page 19 of the government’s green paper on giving are two short sentences that speak volumes. “We know that tax reliefs for charitable giving provide incentives for donors and support to charities more generally”, it says. “We will review the relationship between financial incentives and giving.” End of discussion. Yes, we do… Read more »

Hands up if you understand Gift Aid… most charity employees don’t

One of the main reasons that the voluntary sector only claims a third of the Gift Aid available is because few people understand it well enough. This is not widely discussed, but in my experience it is true. When it comes to how tax relief actually works, the charity sector is an ocean of uncertainty,… Read more »